Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog

There are obvious ways to use Twitter to promote your blog. If you have written a particularly good post you can try tweeting it.

Twitter is a fantastic tool – and if you don’t get it, you probably will eventually if you ever take that first step and start using it. It helps when you start finding like minded people who you follow, or who follow you. And it can be fun and useful, when people start replying to you.

If you find something out that would be of interest to a large number of people around the world, and if you  are quick enough, tweet it. Or tweet each new blog posting you write automatically via a Twitter plugin.

I noticed on Twitter, that Aaron Wall’s Twitter page (he of SEOBook fame), had been set up to reflect the branding on his main web site.

So I did the same thing. Most people just use shiny wallpaper, so you’ll be one of very few doing this if you decide to brand your twitter page. I am promoting a new blog at, and so put the colour scheme and name Daily Web Tools blog up as the background to my twitter page.

Nice huh?

Now anyone that meets me via Twitter may decide to go along and check out the blog.