Kayako Support Suite

I don’t like Kayako’s support ticket system. We looked into using it for supporting our clients, but decided not to after the trial period. We settled for something with far less functionality but much easier for the customer to use.

Kayako Support Suite

One Way to Keep Support Issues to a Mininum

My confidence in an an online support service once I realise support tickets are handled by Kayako. I think it keeps support issues to a minimum because it’s often an annoying an experience to log a ticket. If I ever log a ticket via Kayako, I have to be very motivated to do it. Why?


First of all, you get the impression that the support system it’s difficult to style because people rarely do it. Most of the Kayako support sites I see are the default blue.

When we were on the trial period I contacted Kayako and asked if they provided a styling service. They said no. Further they told me it was easy so why didn’t I just read the style guide. I didn’t read the style guide because I had about a billion other things to do.

Multiple Logins

Next is that in most cases you have to sign up to a service with one username and password, and then when they run into a problem, sign up again with Kayako. Having to register again with a company you have already registered with is nuts.

Once you’ve registered with the service provider again, you’re kind of doubly annoyed – once for whatever it is that has gone wrong, and once more because you had to think up more usernames and passwords.

Once inside, assuming you get there, Kayako it isn’t intuitive. I imagine a lot of people just give up on getting an answer at this point.

Kayako Can Make Your Company Seem Uncaring

I recently signed up for SimpleCDN. Then I had a problem, and found I couldn’t get support. My tickets were ignored.

Turned out that their Kayako ticketing system broke down in such a away that it failed to send through a high proportion of support tickets. When I emailed the company direct after several days of waiting they came back to me saying that Kayako was broken and that they were working with them to try and get the system running again. Many days later – over a week a think it took, the support system was restored.

Another way to keep support tickets to a minimum

Today I hear, Kayako has failed on another site that I belong to. And again, it’s taken the company concerned a few days to work out that the support issues hadn’t gone away, customers were not suddenly a lot happier, no. It’s just that Kayako seemingly has no system to alert users of it’s service to catastrophic failure. Or is it that most Kayako customers just don’t try hard enough to customise the product and double check what it’s telling them?