Earn Your First $10 Online – Start Now – It’s Free

You Can Start Now And It Costs You Nothing Other Than Your Time

You really have nothing to lose.  You could spend months wondering if, or you could keep telling yourself that one day you’ll give it a go. At earning an income online.

If you have absolutely no clue how to do this, now is your opportunity to start something. It’s free to do, it started only on 1st August 2008 – so you are really not too late, it’ll take you until the end of August and you will emerge a different person from the one that started the course.

It’s called the Thirty Day Challenge and is orchestrated by Ed Dale – an Australian online marketer who, once per year gives anyone who wants it the chance to learn about, and start to, make a living online.

But Why Would Ed Do That?

Well, for the sceptics amongst you – Ed will make money in the end – he already does using his expertise online. This exercise markets Ed the person but he is doing this because being a wealthy smart guy doesn’t mean you have to be a mean git.

I know there are some people who think that last statement is untrue. I’ve got a friend who never does anything because he thinks everything is a con.

I guess a lot of people are like that.

Well, Ed Dale isn’t out to con anyone. He actually enjoys the process of teaching others and of course the online fame that brings him. Stop asking yourself why he would do it and take advantage of the opportunity.