Obama and Health Care Reform

The Health Care Reform in America is inching closer to a resolution – another accomplishment of Obama’s – no other President before him could manage to bring even this far.

For 45 years of my life I had insurance and for the last five, certain parts of my body (the ones that need the most care) have been deemed “uninsurable” from a pre-existing injury in which I fractured my spine and shoulder in a horse competition.

The insanity of our health care is you must be well to purchase insurance affordable. I can find insurance – quite expensive but those parts of my body previously injured are not insurable for any amount of money.

If there is any fear in America about changing our present day system, it is from those who are being influenced by paid advertising to believe their quality of health care insurance will dwindle to no-care should this pass.

For those who have become bankrupt and lost their homes from the cost of an illness, they know first hand that our present system is to be feared greatly.

I read a statistic the other day that 65% of bankruptcies filed were a result of unpaid medical bills – and most of those had insurance but their portion of the cost to pay bankrupted them.

Now imagine having insurance, enduring an illness, and being left with a bill so high you must file bankruptcy to protect your home and you’ll begin to understand the insanity of the present medical system.

Cheer Obama – he won’t give up until he changes this insanity called the American Health Care System.

a guest post by Lois Smithers
Inflammation Awareness Now