My Top 6 WordPress Plugins

Allinone SEO Pack

Everyone knows about this plugin, and everyone is using it, right? It enables you to mess with the all important title tag, description tags and other tags that WordPress normally completes on your behalf in such a way as to not do your search engine positioning any good. Rectify the problem with this plugin. The only thing is that the theme you are using may insert extra meta tags. If you do a View Source of a post and you see more than one title tag or other meta tag, then you need to edit the header.php in your theme, and simple remove the static lines that refer to the duplicate meta tags.


This plugin is great and I use it probably more than Google Analytics and more than the standard WordPress stats plugin. I like the way it describes the pages views you receive because someone used a search engine to find you because it includes the page of the search engine you were found on! I have learned that all my search engine referrals are 99.9% of the time from people who found my site on page 1 for whatever they were looking for. Rarely if ever do I get a referral from someone who found my site on page 6 or 7. This is a relatively new plugin but excellent.

Dragon Design Site Map Generator

You have to use this in conjunction with a Google Webmaster Tools account, but certainly, this plugin auto-generates a site map for the search engines to crawl. I create a static page to house the resulting site map so that it available and easy to find. Maybe site maps on blogs are no longer required -because Google certainly indexes any new pages on your blog within minutes nowadays. But Google isn’t the only search engine, so why not maintain a site map the easy way.

Dragon Design Add Signature

You can add the following fields in any combination to the end of each post. This is useful if you have multiple authors on a single blog, or if you want to promote an affiliated web site on each page.

  • %LOGIN% – Login name
  • %FIRST% – First name
  • %LAST% – Last name
  • %NICK% – Nickname
  • %EMAIL% – Email address
  • %URL% – Website
  • %DESC% – Description/Bio

Now Reading

Now Reading allows you to maintain a virtual library of books. You can display which ones you have read, are about to read or are thinking about readin, and also you can post reviews. If you tie it to your Amazon associates account, it will also credit you with any sales that you make via your blog.

What Would Seth Godin Do?

The idea here is that Seth Godin is a God, so doing what he would do is a good thing. He would remind new visitors to your blog to sign up for RSS blog feed. Once installed you can pretty up the panel that shows at the top (or bottom) of every post, using CSS. I made mine pink, naturally. After a option settable number of views, using cookies, the reminder ceases to display.

What would Seth Godin do?