Client Will or Lack Thereof

I Would Rather Be Cycling

I was speaking to a prospective client yesterday who wanted his web site to be more visible than it currently is on Google and in general, to attract more people to his site.

I was asked, “Is there any way that I can get more people to visit my site?”

If I were pretending not to know what he really meant, I could have said, “yes no problem”. For example he could pay $20 or even less to have 5,000 or 10,000 visitors turn up over the next few days. Simply type buy web site traffic into Google and there’ll be loads of cheap offers of traffic. But I assumed he meant traffic that would be interested in his content and not leave the site, one full tenth of a second after arriving.

That’s not to say that buying this kind of traffic is not sometimes appropriate. It can be a good idea for a recently created site, which maybe lives on a brand new domain to get some sort of Alexa Rating assigned. For more on Alexa ratings and why they may be important to a site, read this post.

Anyway, I digress. The web site owner said he didn’t want to change any of the visible text on his site, nor does he want to add any extra specially written pages, nor will he willingly maintain any social media web pages, run a public forum, nor write a blog. I think that leaves the title tag, the description tag and not much else. Oh, I probably forgot to mention that his site only has about 10 public pages of which 90% don’t change. Ever.

He just wants to add some magic meta tags that will rocket the site’s popularity without anyone noticing any changes, and without any effort on his part. And he may even want this all done for very little investment too.

What does a girl do?

Thing is, a blog is a great way to get content indexed by Google within 10 minutes or even less of uploading. I posted this entry at 11:54pm on 25th January 2008 and it was in the Google index 6 or 7 minutes later. In this post, I have linked to an orphaned page on a client site that I put up 5 minutes ago and that is definitely not in Google’s index.

And here is the evidence that the page was indexed by Google within and hour of this post being published.

Indexed Page

Now surely this type of demonstration should be enough to persuade every small business person that at the very least, a business blog is a good idea.