How To Make Text Wrap Around An Image In WordPress

I wrote a post on this a few years ago, explaining how to use HTML to wrap text around an image in WordPress. Even though you can do text wrapping and image alignment within WordPress, I still prefer to write the HTML myself as I get better results and I get to decide what my captioned image looks like.

But as the HTML for this is a bit tedious, it is a pain to have to type the code out each time, so I gave up doing image captions. However, we recently built a WordPress plugin to do it. The plugin was released yesterday, so please go and download it, and let me know if it works for you.

CaptionPix WordPress Plugin – For Image Placement And Captioning

The name of the plugin is CaptionPix and you can download it from the WordPress Plugins Repository :

Thesis Theme Customizations for WordPress

Power Blog Service - WordPress Websites

We Provide Thesis Theme Customizations

We’re currently in the process of designing a number of standard themes for the Power Blog Service.

Our standard unique themes are specifically to help Power Blog Service members who sign up to our service but who aren’t yet in the market for a custom theme designed from scratch.

We’ll post an entry on the Power Blog Service blog, every time we create a Thesis customization over the coming weeks and months.

But if these are standard themes, and if there are a limited number of them, how can they ever be unique to you? Read on . . .

Making Your Thesis Theme Unique To You

The idea is that for $275, you can choose one of our standard themes, and then have it customized to suit your needs in terms of the colors and images used.

We plan to provide a large number of basic Thesis theme customisations upon which to base your unique theme. So for example, in our simplest theme customization, Boxed Motif, we can change the motif, change the colors and add your logo to the design. You’ll still be using Thesis, the best WordPress theme we know of, so you get the benefits that Thesis brings to WordPress too.

This service does not include logo design but we can show you the best places to get a logo designed when you’re ready.

A New Way To Create a Business Website

Devon Web Designers – Business Websites Powered by WordPress

Would you like to run a great business website on WordPress with complete peace of mind? If so, our new service is tailor made for you.

The Devon Web Designers enables business owners to set up and run professional, self-hosted WordPress sites on a subscription basis, without the need for technical knowledge. And what’s more, we teach you how to enhance your site over time, via our monthly business website owners training.

What you may not know is that WordPress is not just am excellent tool for making blogs but also for creating general purpose business websites. WordPress is for everyone.

But I’m Not Interested in becoming a Technician!

We undertand where you’re coming from! It’s well known that despite being excellent software,self-hosted WordPress software can prove difficult for non-technical people to manage, run and profit from.

Typically a business owner needs his or her website to deliver good quality traffic but won’t have time to – maintain or learn to maintain, the technical aspects of it. Well, we – Devon Web Designers, are here to solve that problem on a number of levels.

Your Devon Web Designers Service Benefits

We’ve created a client focussed service that includes :

  • WordPress installation and customization
  • Plugin selection, installation and upgrades
  • WordPress upgrades (thereby alleviating you for the need to fix problems when they occur)
  • Professional, high availiability hosting
  • Free support for general questions about the training
  • Paid support for any one-on-one technical support you may need for your site
  • Plus, our Coaching Service goes even further and provides in depth SEO advice too.

Why WordPress?

The frustration for many business owners is that they’re unable to update their websites without either expensive and complicated software, or the explicit (and timely) help of their web designers. WordPress is a sophisticated content management system that allows non-technical people the ability to create new website content, without the need for long and arduous technical training.

Our training program is uncluttered. Plus, it always gives you the option to either learn and put what you’ve learned into practice, or just decide to outsource when demands on your time dictate that you can’t attend to the business of building traffic to your website.

Please visit the site for more information on this great way to get a new site up and running quickly.

Technical Support?

You have the choice to buy a monthly support package tailored to cover technical support and coaching, or if you prefer you can pay as you need extra help. It’s up to you.

Visit our site today and watch the slideshow on the home page. It quickly gives you an overview of our web design service.

A Quick Fix for an Every Day Problem – $99

Making Your Blog Look Exactly Like Your Web Site

Sometimes when developing a new web site, I want to create a WordPress blog to go with it. I find this a bit challenging and usually don’t even bother to try and make them match up visually. I am no graphic designer, and I have enough going on without having to add WordPress Theme Designer to my skill set. I am sure many of you are the same.

The ultimate way forward for me is to get to grips with Chris Pearson’s Thesis theme, especially around the use of hooks to enable me to alter the design of that WordPress theme effectively, (note – learning how to use hooks with confidence and flourish is still on my list of things to do).

But until such time I decided to put $99 into a new product that allows me to create a WordPress Theme and a design for a handcoded web page that look the same.


Artisteer - Matching WordPress Themes and Web Designs
I bought the Artisteer product last night and have quickly been able to design a working WordPress Theme and web design that I hope will appear seamless once running. The product is only in Version 1.0, and is quite robust for that. This is a good sign. Although the Artisteer web site itself does not instil masses of confidence. It does not have that shiny Web 2.0 look that so many new sites have – still – I digress.

The product, although at V1.0 has a good feel about it – you can tweak the colours of practically everything, and the best part is if you change one colour, it changes all the others to go with it. I thought that was particularly clever.

And it really does seem to produce wordpress themes and web designs that look pretty much the same. You’ll have to manipulate the resulting design files for the web yourself somewhat, so it is not really for total beginners. If you go to the Artisteer Forums you will find many happy customers plus a number of disgruntled ones who don’t have the experience with web design in general to get the product to work for them. You will need good skills to integrate what it produces into a web page.

Currently the product is on sale for 99$ (introductory price – not sure how long will be for).

The only downside I can see so far, is that the results it produces are quite dated in look and feel and necessarily, the pages produced are really all the same design, but with slightly different design elements. Hopefully both these points will be addressed in future versions. I would like something that produces a broader range of more modern looks.

Example of Artisteer Output

My husband has used it to set up his new blog which should be up by the end of the day. He is still struggling with the Code Iginiter/design integration, non-blog portion of it though. He’d never seen Code Igniter until this morning. That is despite being a Java expert, general technical whiz and one of the very best problem solvers I have ever met. Sweet.

However, his blog and his main site have been styled using Artisteer and they look the same.

Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog

There are obvious ways to use Twitter to promote your blog. If you have written a particularly good post you can try tweeting it.

Twitter is a fantastic tool – and if you don’t get it, you probably will eventually if you ever take that first step and start using it. It helps when you start finding like minded people who you follow, or who follow you. And it can be fun and useful, when people start replying to you.

If you find something out that would be of interest to a large number of people around the world, and if you  are quick enough, tweet it. Or tweet each new blog posting you write automatically via a Twitter plugin.

I noticed on Twitter, that Aaron Wall’s Twitter page (he of SEOBook fame), had been set up to reflect the branding on his main web site.

So I did the same thing. Most people just use shiny wallpaper, so you’ll be one of very few doing this if you decide to brand your twitter page. I am promoting a new blog at, and so put the colour scheme and name Daily Web Tools blog up as the background to my twitter page.

Nice huh?

Now anyone that meets me via Twitter may decide to go along and check out the blog.