Dr Lisa Lang – The Theory of Constraints – Breakout Session

Dr Lisa Lang is a leading authority when it comes to The Theory of Constraints. She has PhD in engineering and has authored three books. Her presentation was held in a break out room where she covered an overview of The Theory of Contraints (TOC).

Dr Lisa confronted the multi-tasking problem that every entrepreneur faces. Out of a list of many projects, which to tackle first?

According to Dr Lisa, “the notion that the sooner you start a project the sooner it’s done” is a fallacy. It is more efficient by miles to figure out which project will bring in the most money fastest, and then do that project, in its entirety first.

Dr Lisa also talked about the best way to calculate your hourly worth. This helps you to work out which parts of your business to outsource. After all she says, that it’s key to determine what drives your profitability and to make management decisions that are aligned with your profitability goals.

Dr Lisa is now a member of the faculty at Stompernet.

Joel Bauer – Persuasion Power – Keynote Speech

Joel Bauer is the author of books such as How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want to be Persuaded and is famous for his presentation successes with corporate clients and the media.

Joel gave us a breakdown of how to present a pitch to an audience in order to get the most conversions and sales. He said

  • Never introduce yourself online, always get someone else to do it – someone with experience of your work – in other words – do it via a testimonial
  • Be as imperfect as possible – don’t worry about only having a face for radio – if we are too perfect people don’t actually like us much.
  • Knock yourself down in order to build yourself up again
  • Always tell the truth
  • Use storytelling to get your business offering across and liken it to familiar things in everyday experience.
  • Make sure you tell your prospects that you are only interested in serious expressions of interest in your product or service
  • Identify your passion and monetize that online.
  • Never demonstrate your superiority
  • Use a program called Simple Sales Copy to help you write sales copy
  • Visit the Copywriting Board for help/advice with copy
  • How long should a long sales letter be? Answer : as long or short as it needs to be

Joel also talked about the importance of defining a model for what you do. Use three or four words that in a list, sum up what your offer is. For example, “Attract, Convert, Leverage, Retain” – and use this everywhere. He says it helps if each of the words starts with a consonant as these are more easily remembered by people who here them.

Joel also had a few words to say about the right and wrong kind of business cards. You can view this viral video here, called Your Business Card Is Crap.

WordPress Webinar

I’m doing a WordPress webinar alongside another Stompernet moderator this evening – Lisa Brown. It starts at 6:00pm, or 1:00pm Eastern.

I don’t think I can cover all that I planned to talk about – don’t want the people listening to fall asleep.

We’re trying to show that WordPress is easy to set up and use. I’m doing an Artisteer demontration. I don’t use the product much – only for generating some graphics, but it’s useful for those who want a quick, unique WordPress solution.

Stompernet’s New Launch

I’m a moderator over at Stompernet and it’s been a busy few days since our new launch, with new members signing up every day. All of us moderators have been answering questions and getting used to the new portal too.

If there’s one thing that sets StomperNet apart as a training organization, it’s our Faculty. Most internet marketers tend to be lone wolves, or maybe work with one other person. We have (currently) twenty faculty members, and they’re all experts in some aspects of internet marketing.

The new Stompernet membership is 25% the price of the old (and the price I’ve been paying for months). Plus it includes lots of giveaways – for example the this new Twitter tool we’ve got that’s called have they’re calling StomperSocial. It’s like Tweetdeck on steroids.

It’s Free (get used to hearing that). StomperNet does love to give away stuff away, but it’s not the rubbish stuff in the back of the cabinet. It’s the GOOD stuff, all geared to making you more money more quickly.

So go check out Day 3 of this launch (and if you missed Days 1 and 2 go grab all THAT stuff too).

P.S. They’re also having free webinars almost every night with the StomperNet Faculty as part of the launch. There’s a button with the schedule on the navigation bar.

Stompernet LIVE8 #SNL8

Hyatt Regency, AtlantaI am so sad. I’m stuck at home in my middle-of-nowhere farmhouse in Devon, when I should be in Georgia tonight.

I should be in Atlanta, in the Hyatt, at the bar about to go to dinner with all my friends. But I’m not. My mother Ruby is not very well and I couldn’t leave her.

I’m not the only one who couldn’t attend. Even my Stompernet coach isn’t in Atlanta toinight. Joyce found she couldn’t make it as it’s the time of year her business starts to get very busy, and Freddie her husband couldn’t go because it was the start of term, and he’s a teacher.

But the good news is that husband Russell is there. He got on a plane yesterday afternoon and arrived in Atlanta last night. He’s just phoned to say the event is brilliant. He’s off to the faculty dinner now.

I’m missing the Stompernet Elite Council meeting and the moderator meeting with Brad Fallon. Plus there was a lunch today for Stomper Women which I missed. That, as they say in the States, truly sucks.

Brad Fallon is giving a come back/takeover speech. We’re all keen to hear that Andy Jenkins will be back in some shape or form, somewhere, somehow. Most of all we all want Stompernet to remain the amazing force that it is. And Andy was a whole lot to do with that.

If you want to get into Stompernet, or you’re curious why Stompers are all so addicted, try starting with the Net Effect. Even if you can’t afford to join Stompernet, if you’ve got a web site you can’t really afford not to hold this monthly publication in your hands.