Follow Up Sequence Actions in InfusionSoft’s Autoresponder

I’m having some problems getting InfusionSoft to work properly. I’ve tried talking to support but I don’t think the answers I get are good enough.

The idea is to set up a follow up sequence (autoresponder) to send a sequence of emails to my list. The way you have to do this in InfusionSoft is painful. It’s doubly so when you get 90% of the way through and yet another bug shows up.

How I set up an InfusionSoft Follow Up Sequence

  1. Create the FuS and give it a unique name. E.g. pbs-tb-fus
  2. Make EXCEL spreadsheet of all tags and category ids and import into IS. Naming convention is pbs-tb-xxxxxxx-tag. There is one tag for each step of the sequence and one for sequence completion This beats typing the tags in through the awkward interface.  (I’d import everything if I could but tags are about all I can import in this task.)
  3. Add a completed tag to FuS completion actions, pbs-tb-fus-completed-tag
  4. Add “track who opens my emails” to FuS options
  5. Create emails for the sequence (2 versions, one HTML and one Text), named pbs-tb-01-email, pbs-tb-02-email, bs-tb-03-email etc
  6. Create actions for the sequence named, pbs-tb-01-actions, pbs-pt-02-actions etc
  7. Create steps for the FuS, named pbs-pt-01-step etc and specify an action for each step

It was all going quite well until the the last step where I tried to specify the actions for each step.  When creating a step, you are given two choices.

  • create an action set now, or
  • use one you created earlier

But the second option seems pointless. None of my pre-prepared actions are appearing in the “Select a template” dropdown,  so I can’t select them.

I searched the Fusebox (documentation, articles and forum) for anything that would give an example of someone creating actions, then referring to them later in a FuS.  The only article I could find used the “I’m gonna create a new Actions template” option.   Why is that?

InfusionSoft FuS Steps

Having created all the actions earlier the second option is the one I want. But it’s unusable.


I’d called InfusionSoft Support before and did not get a good answer, so I tried again.   See my InfusionSoft progress here.

Avoid Google’s Personalized Search – Use Google Chrome

My friend Jackie is delighted that her website is appearing frequently at or near the top of page 1 in Google for her most important search term.

Every day she types her search term into Google and her site is consistently on page 1 at, or near the top. So she thinks her work is done.

But she doesn’t realise she is not seeing the truth – she is seeing Google’s personalized search results – they are placing sites she often visits, her own amongst others, at the top of the search engine listings.

To see where you really rank on Google for a keyword or phrase, I’ve found the easiest solution is to use Google Chrome’s browser.

Google Wrench or Spanner1. Click on the spanner or wrench at the top right.
Google Chrome New Incognito Window menu option2. Then click on the “New incognito window” menu option
Incognito Icon2. A new browser window opens with this icon at the top left.

All searches you do from that incognito window will be unaffected by your previous searches.

Bullets With Custom Images

I was asked today how you might make a bullet list in Thesis with images instead of standard bullets today. It depends on the bullet image you want to use. Mine was a 16px x 16px image. You have to play around with line-height and padding CSS values to get it to look right. And those values will be dependent on the size of your bullet image and your text.

Here is my bullet list :

Example of an Unordered Bullet List
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Rocks

Here is the HTML that goes in the post
HTML for image bullets in unordered list

Here is the CSS that you add to custom.css
HTML for image bullets in unordered list

A New Way To Create a Business Website

Devon Web Designers – Business Websites Powered by WordPress

Would you like to run a great business website on WordPress with complete peace of mind? If so, our new service is tailor made for you.

The Devon Web Designers enables business owners to set up and run professional, self-hosted WordPress sites on a subscription basis, without the need for technical knowledge. And what’s more, we teach you how to enhance your site over time, via our monthly business website owners training.

What you may not know is that WordPress is not just am excellent tool for making blogs but also for creating general purpose business websites. WordPress is for everyone.

But I’m Not Interested in becoming a Technician!

We undertand where you’re coming from! It’s well known that despite being excellent software,self-hosted WordPress software can prove difficult for non-technical people to manage, run and profit from.

Typically a business owner needs his or her website to deliver good quality traffic but won’t have time to – maintain or learn to maintain, the technical aspects of it. Well, we – Devon Web Designers, are here to solve that problem on a number of levels.

Your Devon Web Designers Service Benefits

We’ve created a client focussed service that includes :

  • WordPress installation and customization
  • Plugin selection, installation and upgrades
  • WordPress upgrades (thereby alleviating you for the need to fix problems when they occur)
  • Professional, high availiability hosting
  • Free support for general questions about the training
  • Paid support for any one-on-one technical support you may need for your site
  • Plus, our Coaching Service goes even further and provides in depth SEO advice too.

Why WordPress?

The frustration for many business owners is that they’re unable to update their websites without either expensive and complicated software, or the explicit (and timely) help of their web designers. WordPress is a sophisticated content management system that allows non-technical people the ability to create new website content, without the need for long and arduous technical training.

Our training program is uncluttered. Plus, it always gives you the option to either learn and put what you’ve learned into practice, or just decide to outsource when demands on your time dictate that you can’t attend to the business of building traffic to your website.

Please visit the site for more information on this great way to get a new site up and running quickly.

Technical Support?

You have the choice to buy a monthly support package tailored to cover technical support and coaching, or if you prefer you can pay as you need extra help. It’s up to you.

Visit our site today and watch the slideshow on the home page. It quickly gives you an overview of our web design service.

How To Generate New Web 2.0 Domain Names

makewords.comWould you like to find new web 2.0 style domain names really easily?

If you’d like a name like Google, or perhaps Squidoo.

Here’s a web site that locates domains based on your selection cirteria and then tells you which ones are still available. If you’d like to find a weird word that no-ones uses, but that you can pronounce to uses as your domain name, this is a great tool.

How To Do It

Go to To find an available domain name, put letters like “gle” (Google), or “doo”, (Squidoo), into the “Suffix to end with” box.

Using endings of “oogle” and “doo”, “ango”, “ooso” and “odo” I came up with the following domain names that were all available at the time of writing. There are other ways to generate names – I just like the idea of using pronouncable endings as a convenient way of forming new words,but you can choose to specify beginnings as well.


You could of course use this tool to generate names for brandable names, startup companies or for new products. Probably a good idea to check they don’t mean something unsavoury in foreign languages though.