Victor Meldrew Should Get an InfusionSoft Account

I reported a bug, and asked InfusionSoft to look at fixing it. But now the problem seems worse.

You can no longer do email testing of Follow up Sequences and forms by using gmail addresses with the format – ie. gmail addresses with plus signs.

Before it used to leave InfusionSoft with a conflict – but not so serious a conflict that you were prevented from testing. I should have kept my mouth shut – I could still be using this functionality. Now – you can’t use these emails addresses for testing at all. This message appears when you try.

This person’s email address is invalid.
You will not be able to send any emails to this address. They would just bounce back as undeliverable, anyway.

No InfusionSoft, No

What is invalid is your take on what constitutes a valid email address. Please refer to the RFC specification for email addresses. Half of InfusionSoft accepts the plus sign, the other half strips it out, and then reports that the email address would never have worked.

Yes it would, you took the plus sign out. Not me.


  1. It states her ( that the problem is resolved.

    It isn’t quite. Although the email address is now being accepted by the autoresponder (good), it is rejected due to the continued missing plus sign, by the “manage email status” function.

    See following images. Note that in the second two images the plus sign is still missing.

  2. I guess it’s a “small margin” of email addresses because not many people use the plus sign?

    But when the plus sign is used, it will affect 100% of email addresses with plus signs.

    As for quick fixes – no – no need for that. I was just disappointed that a quick fix appeared to have already been applied because the problem presented, differently and worse than when I reported it several weeks ago.

    That’s why I wrote this post. I get that you want to it seem that I am making a fuss out of not much. Maybe I am. But we are all entitled to a point of view? I am a paying customer so I reckon that means I can tell you when I find a bug. You have a great product, but there are issues and I actually want to help.


  3. Thanks for your insight. It’s more than the plus sign, there are other behind-the-scenes validation that is taking place and we gotta see why it’s happening on only a small margin of email addresses. This is where more research takes precedence 0ver what could be a quick-fix.


  4. I mention it because the behaviour has changed since the last time I reported it. The fix does seem on the surface to be simple – why not leave the plus sign where it is.

    Thank you for responding.

  5. Liz,

    Thanks for mentioning this. I checked with our support team and they said a few customers had this happen to them and they’ve elevated this already for further investigation.

    We will take the necessary time to adequately investigate and resolve this — as you can understand, this can’t be rushed because of the potential for loss here.

    Thank you again for letting us know. Full details on this are posted on our Status blog at .