FuS – InfusionSoft – Rounding Forward Display Problem

When setting up an InfusionSoft Follow Up Sequence (FuS), you can choose to round the days forward if you say, for example decide to run a step on a certain day of the week.

You are faced with a display like this :

Rounding Forward in InfusionSoft

The thing is, that InfusionSoft is going to round whether you click that option or not. If you don’t click it, it will round backwards or forwards, and if you do click it, it will round forwards.

Having not clicked it, you save and the summary screen shows you this :

Rounding forward anyway - InfusionSoft

You get that display indicating that the step is rounded forward whether or not you click the round forward button. I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say “well it is rounded forward”. Fine, but please could we have another indicator on that screen to say this is “really, really rounded forward” if we also check the “round forward” option box.

The thing is, InfusionSoft, it’s easy to forget to click that button when you’re creating step after step, after step in a FuS.

It would save users’ time if you indicated on that summary screen whether we’d rounded forward deliberately or not. It would save us having to re-enter each step (which can load slowly) just to check.