Follow Up Sequence Actions in InfusionSoft’s Autoresponder

I’m having some problems getting InfusionSoft to work properly. I’ve tried talking to support but I don’t think the answers I get are good enough.

The idea is to set up a follow up sequence (autoresponder) to send a sequence of emails to my list. The way you have to do this in InfusionSoft is painful. It’s doubly so when you get 90% of the way through and yet another bug shows up.

How I set up an InfusionSoft Follow Up Sequence

  1. Create the FuS and give it a unique name. E.g. pbs-tb-fus
  2. Make EXCEL spreadsheet of all tags and category ids and import into IS. Naming convention is pbs-tb-xxxxxxx-tag. There is one tag for each step of the sequence and one for sequence completion This beats typing the tags in through the awkward interface.  (I’d import everything if I could but tags are about all I can import in this task.)
  3. Add a completed tag to FuS completion actions, pbs-tb-fus-completed-tag
  4. Add “track who opens my emails” to FuS options
  5. Create emails for the sequence (2 versions, one HTML and one Text), named pbs-tb-01-email, pbs-tb-02-email, bs-tb-03-email etc
  6. Create actions for the sequence named, pbs-tb-01-actions, pbs-pt-02-actions etc
  7. Create steps for the FuS, named pbs-pt-01-step etc and specify an action for each step

It was all going quite well until the the last step where I tried to specify the actions for each step.  When creating a step, you are given two choices.

  • create an action set now, or
  • use one you created earlier

But the second option seems pointless. None of my pre-prepared actions are appearing in the “Select a template” dropdown,  so I can’t select them.

I searched the Fusebox (documentation, articles and forum) for anything that would give an example of someone creating actions, then referring to them later in a FuS.  The only article I could find used the “I’m gonna create a new Actions template” option.   Why is that?

InfusionSoft FuS Steps

Having created all the actions earlier the second option is the one I want. But it’s unusable.


I’d called InfusionSoft Support before and did not get a good answer, so I tried again.   See my InfusionSoft progress here.


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