Easy Image Resizing and Cropping

A Smaller Image – an Easy and Free Way To Resize Images

Programs are bits of software that do a job. Some programs are very big and complicated – like for example, Adobe Photoshop. Others are small and much less complicated (because they don’t do much).

An example of a program like the latter is A Smaller Image by Trivista. It only does one or two jobs – it resizes and crops images, and not much else. If you are a beginner, this is a program for you. Later you’ll want something more sophisticated of course . . .

You can download the trial version (which will expire after a set number of days) of A Smaller Image from the Trivista Web Site, OR you can download a special free version from me here. The free version doesn’t expire, it’s not a trial, but it is an older version. However it does the job – it makes images smaller, and/or crops them. Please leave a comment if you take a copy of the free download. Thanks.

How To Use A Smaller Image – Free Download Version

As this is a very simple program, there isn’t much to learn. Simply install it, then, when you run the program, it looks like this. It shows a demonstration image of a balloon. Click the open button as indicated below to go open your own image that you want to resize and/or crop.

Here you can see I’ve gone to get a photo of one of my dogs (he’s called Rio by the way) and below you can see the slider you move to change the size of the image. In the case below, you can see the image started out at 886×791 pixels, and is reduced now to 443×395 pixels. Alter the slider to be the size you want and the click on save. The program will then allow you to save the re-sized image to another name (so you don’t over-write the orginal one).

Or, if you want to resize the image and crop it, or just crop it, do as follows. Use the slider indicated to change the area of the photo that is selected. You can also use the cursor to move the selected area around so that you can select the portion of the photo you want. As you can see, Rio’s photo has been cropped to show only his handsome face, without the shadowy background.


  1. We do work with images and you have given us a wide array of options to choose from.

  2. http://Jack%20Campbell says

    Thanks for the tip. I just downloaded the A Smaller Image software and it did the trick. Very simple to use!

    Jack Campbell

  3. http://Stamp says

    Great information! I use photos and images on my website and now I have an easier way to resize them.

  4. http://Barry%20Meadows says

    Thank you – much appreciated.

  5. Your tutorial does make it so much easier to resize the images. Helped us resizing the Text part too.

  6. http://Dave%20Naylor says

    An even simpler way to resize images is to use Image Magick. Say you had an image 4000×3000 pixels straight out of your camera. Way to big for use in a site. So to get the image resized to a width of 600px and keep the ratio intact you’d simply type this in a console:

    convert -resize 600x image_foo.jpg image_bar.jpg

    Now how easy is that. Cropping is also available.


    Incidentally this post popped up in my Twitter stream today, I know it’s over a year old. (and Hi Lizzie)

  7. http://Steven%20J%20Snelling says

    Thanks for another idea. Photoshop CS takes longer to launch/open file, than this neat program. As earlier/elsewhere stated, for blog postings, it renders a quick solution. I elected to use IrfanView yet the idea is similar.

    I was reading “A Truly Rotten Website Review” and clicked to this blog post. Thanks again,

  8. Thanks for the information. I have needed a way to resize my pictures and now you gave me the answers.


  9. Good post..

    You know resizing is one of those “newbie” things that just drives me crazy trying to figure out sometimes.

    Thanks for the info


  10. http://Jay%20Jacobs says

    Thanks for this info..came across it and have had to resize many photos for my blog.

  11. stumbled across it again thanks to you! It’s a lovely neat bit of software that saves loading up anything bulkier when you just want to reduce a few images for web uploading . . .

  12. This is great!!

    Thank you!!!

    Best regards,
    Philippe Marx

  13. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Happy to help you. And … thanks to you I noticed the images on this small tutorial were too big, so I resized them!

  14. http://Stephen%20P says

    Thanks for this, Liz. I used this program a great deal on my previous PC, and stumbled across it again thanks to you! It’s a lovely neat bit of software that saves loading up anything bulkier when you just want to reduce a few images for web uploading… or resizing for digital photo frames etc.

  15. http://Lane says

    Thanks for the free Image program.
    Will use it to reduce my Picture’s for posting on web forum.

  16. http://Richard%20Slater says

    Congratulations! You are on my favourite list of Bloggers!

  17. I’ve used Gimp for so long that I’m pretty spoiled. I like the cropping features of Trivista. It really makes working with images a breeze. thanks!

  18. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Nice to hear from you Craig – I’ve dropped you an email. We do need to catch up.

  19. Thanks for that Liz, that will save me time opening up Gimp each time I want to resize an image!

    Long time, no speak…we need to catch up!


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