WordPress Webinar

I’m doing a WordPress webinar alongside another Stompernet moderator this evening – Lisa Brown. It starts at 6:00pm, or 1:00pm Eastern.

I don’t think I can cover all that I planned to talk about – don’t want the people listening to fall asleep.

We’re trying to show that WordPress is easy to set up and use. I’m doing an Artisteer demontration. I don’t use the product much – only for generating some graphics, but it’s useful for those who want a quick, unique WordPress solution.


  1. Yes, WordPress is the answer to website + blog + seo in many cases especially if you add in Thesis.

    I, like many people are affiliates for Thesis because it made our development lives easier. It can do the same for you.

  2. As you are a Stompernet member, please send me your email so we can Skype a conversation. I will help you to see if other solutions are better than what you have now. No problem.

  3. Just joined Stompernet and heard (mostly heard!) your excellent webinar on WordPress.

    Am looking into Thesis and Artiseer and have signed up for Power Blog or whatever newsletter. Actually I’m have a challenge to get off Joomla or to figure out how to make my website work.

    Not sure WordPress is the answer to (website + blog + seo).

    Sorry for long note. Looking forward to figuring out Stompernet, looks easy but we sure need you Moderators and getting more into WordPress. Thanks again–Paul of Cabot Shores on Cape Breton Island, Canada