Stompernet’s New Launch

I’m a moderator over at Stompernet and it’s been a busy few days since our new launch, with new members signing up every day. All of us moderators have been answering questions and getting used to the new portal too.

If there’s one thing that sets StomperNet apart as a training organization, it’s our Faculty. Most internet marketers tend to be lone wolves, or maybe work with one other person. We have (currently) twenty faculty members, and they’re all experts in some aspects of internet marketing.

The new Stompernet membership is 25% the price of the old (and the price I’ve been paying for months). Plus it includes lots of giveaways – for example the this new Twitter tool we’ve got that’s called have they’re calling StomperSocial. It’s like Tweetdeck on steroids.

It’s Free (get used to hearing that). StomperNet does love to give away stuff away, but it’s not the rubbish stuff in the back of the cabinet. It’s the GOOD stuff, all geared to making you more money more quickly.

So go check out Day 3 of this launch (and if you missed Days 1 and 2 go grab all THAT stuff too).

P.S. They’re also having free webinars almost every night with the StomperNet Faculty as part of the launch. There’s a button with the schedule on the navigation bar.


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