The Arvon Foundation : Writing School

I have attended a couple of creative writing courses at the Arvon Foundation.

First Love

I am posting some of the work I did on those courses here. First Love for instance is a very short story that was written in response to an exercise I was asked to do on one of those courses.

I tried to do it in the style of Douglas Adams, mainly because I really like his work, partly because it made the exercise slightly more interesting, but also because no-one on the writing course I was on had ever read him.

The general feeling was that science fiction was somehow not worthy. That is such an old idea. It is funny how some things and some people just don’t change.

The Apple

On another occasion, a bowl of fruit was passed around the class. In it were all sorts of tropical and home grown fruit – but by the time the bowl got to me, only a couple of apples were left. So I picked one of them. We were asked to write a short piece inspired by the fruit we had chosen. We had 5 minutes. I wrote this – The Apple.


  1. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Hi Catherine. Thanks for commenting. One course was Writing Memoirs and the other was Writing for TV Drama. Nick Fisher (often writes for the BBC) took the drama course and I am afraid I have forgotten the name of the tutors on the other course. However the guest speaker on it was Tim Guest, author of My Life in Orange.

    I found Nick Fisher to be quite intolerable, despite his professional success. And for that reason alone I would say I preferred the Memoir course. That said I learned a lot on both.

  2. Hi Liz – great stuff. I particularly enjoyed “The Apple”.

    I’ve taken one Arvon course, a few years ago. And, I’m trying to choose one for this year, but my first two choices are fully booked already.

    Which tutors did you have and which course did you prefer?