Why This Blog is Called Big Satchurday

Personal Opinion

This blog may turn into something else. I mean I have other sites where I offer my products and services, so what’ll I do with Big Satchurday?

Just so you know, I call it Big Satchurday because my lovely mother Ruby, who is from Jamaica, has always since I can remember called Saturdays, Big Saturday.

She says it in a Jamaican accent and it’s beautiful and it’s always accompanied by a complaint. She’s ususally trying to something like

Look, it’s the most important leisure day of the week, and seriously are you trying to say that nothing’s happening today????!

She kind of sums all of that sentiment up when she looks at me and says “Big Satchurday and that’s what you’re doing???”, or “Big Satchurday and this is all I get for dinner???”.

My blog is homage to my mother, who having had me very late in life is now in her 90s. She is proof though that it’s never too late. She’s starting an online business. Selling advocado trees.


  1. I am thinking of putting her advocado trees on eBay. The thing is I’ve left it so long now they are getting to large to post. She is thinking of hiring another web developer!

    And I don’t think we can post to the US if it’s tree! Probably violates some regulation or other. My poor mum!

  2. Where can I find a link to your mother’s site that sells avocados?

    I love Jamaica so much. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon two years ago. We really want to go back!

    You said your mom is Jamaican. Are you from Jamaica?

    I want to be there so bad…