Drive Traffic To Your Blog or Web Site Using Qassia

Here’s the link for Qassia

Qassia Web Site

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Please use the link about to sign up for Qassia – it is an intelligent new site that is currently in beta. Sometimes these things don’t work out, sometimes they do. This one looks smart to me so sign up so you can promote your web site virally once it is live.

How It Works

Qassia will work based on the concept of Intel.

Intel is defined as intelligence, i.e. any piece of information.

Intel can be a detailed and lengthy or just one paragraph with some information only a few people know about. You can write intel in any style you like.

It applies to both websites and blogs.

What It Will Do for You

If you are a website owner, Qassia will help your websites perform better in search engines. You can earn unlimited quality backlinks from Qassia. Additionally, in the medium to long term, Qassia will drive traffic to your site as Qassia will be a tool used for finding content.

If you are user seeking information, Qassia will help you find original content and useful information you might be interested in.

The more pieces of intel you add, the more backlinks you generate for your site. There are also revenue earning opportunites. Early days – give it a try.


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