Thesis Theme Customizations for WordPress

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We Provide Thesis Theme Customizations

We’re currently in the process of designing a number of standard themes for the Power Blog Service.

Our standard unique themes are specifically to help Power Blog Service members who sign up to our service but who aren’t yet in the market for a custom theme designed from scratch.

We’ll post an entry on the Power Blog Service blog, every time we create a Thesis customization over the coming weeks and months.

But if these are standard themes, and if there are a limited number of them, how can they ever be unique to you? Read on . . .

Making Your Thesis Theme Unique To You

The idea is that for $275, you can choose one of our standard themes, and then have it customized to suit your needs in terms of the colors and images used.

We plan to provide a large number of basic Thesis theme customisations upon which to base your unique theme. So for example, in our simplest theme customization, Boxed Motif, we can change the motif, change the colors and add your logo to the design. You’ll still be using Thesis, the best WordPress theme we know of, so you get the benefits that Thesis brings to WordPress too.

This service does not include logo design but we can show you the best places to get a logo designed when you’re ready.