Outsourcing Article Writing – You Get What You Pay For

Buying in Articles

I recently found myself overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do, so decided to look around the web for article writing services. I have always resisted this because of the two following reasons,

  1. the more reasonably priced article writing services are based overseas in countries where the first language is not English and therefore I cannot expect the articles to sound exactly as if written by someone whose first language is English
  2. Even if the English were perfect, what is the point of articles that use all the correct keywords, but are not of a high enough quality to provide useful information for the reader ?

However, time and time again I heard it was possible to get good quality articles written.

I looked around and found Mosaic Services (please note, before you jump off to check them out, this article is not a recommendation). Mosaic Services had a site with a plethora of badges, Microsoft endorsements and the like. But had I had time to actually read the site properly, I would have noticed the articles on it were very poor.

I completed an enquiry form and received a sales response from a chap called Mayank Gupta. Mosaic say they are based in New York and in India. I didn’t feel convinced by his sales pitch, and didn’t take up his offer to start an article writing project. But Mayank Gupta proved to be very persistent and called me on the phone repeatedly.

Eventually, worn down by a large number of phone calls and his polite insistence as to the quality of the work Mosaic did, I agreed to have his company write some articles based on his offer of a full refund if I didn’t like them.

Mayank Gupta of Mosaic Services said I should pay pay $600 for 50 articles, by way of $300 up front and $300 on full delivery. I paid $300. Some weeks later, 20 articles arrived. I had been away and when I got back with a pile of work on my desk, I left it a couple of days before I read them.

When I did sit down to read them, they were so poorly written, and contained such low quality and sometimes frankly ludicrous information that it was clear there was no way I could put my name or my client’s name to them. I couldn’t even see how I might re-write them as when you fixed the poor English, it left you with just a bunch of nonsensical premises.

This is where I made my second mistake – I didn’t say anything to Mayank Gupta about this. Because it was now beginning to look like he’d have said anything to get me to part with some cash, why would he keep his word on a refund? I was angry with myself and being busy decided to shelve it and put it down to experience.

A couple of weeks later the second 20 articles arrived. I half hoped they would somehow be better. But they were of the same low quality as the first 20 articles.

So, annoyed now (finally), I emailed Mayank and told him the articles were unusable and after much argument they offered me a $60 refund, which was then was increased to $180 after some more discussion. Fortunately I had only paid $300 of the total $600, but I wanted the full $300 refunded. However he wouldn’t do it. (The point here is that just getting them to agree to refund $180 was extremely time consuming and given that I wanted the articles in the first place to save time, the refund alone wasn’t the only issue.)

His argument was – rightly, I have to say – that if I was unhappy I should have said so after the first 20 articles. I actually wonder if it would have made any difference. My argument was that the work was unfit for purpose. They offered to improve them – but I refused. If they were capable of of better work why didn’t I get it in the first place?

But here is the thing. Mayank offered to improve some articles that were apparently written for me that were clearly written for someone else – how do I know? Some of articles were promoting other companies. They were full of recommendations that the reader should do business with companies that I had never heard of. Do business with these people at your peril.

I Now Own These Articles

Because I did not get a full refund, I am in the unfortunate position of owning some useless articles. What should I do with them?

I am placing one here for you to read at your leisure. If you think, having read it, that Mosaic is the right company for you, and that you’d like a call from Mayank Gupta then you know where to contact him.

If you want some free articles (I’ve already paid for them and if my suspicions are correct, so have a number of other people), here is a typical sample below. You are welcome to the rest if you wish – just drop me an email.

By the way – tropical fruit does not grow in the UK at the beach, we don’t have too many tidal waves, there is not a gentle sea breeze all year around, foreign tourists do not ‘throng’ our beaches all year around, (not unless they don’t mind freezing to death) and most of our seafood delicacies end up in France. But that’s another story. Anyway – enjoy.

Increasing popularity of cheap beach front property in UK

(an article by Mosaic Services)

When people purchase their dream home, they want to ensure that the ambience or surrounding of their house is the best they can afford. Many people after spending a significant portion of their life in congested cities want to purchase a property far from the madding crowd. In other words, they look for homes situated in a naturally beautiful environment. That is why beachfront properties are much sought after these days. However, everything that is of premium quality comes at a premium cost too. Since such properties are quite expensive, people often look for affordable solutions without compromising on the visual quotient. For this reason, investors dealing with real estate consider beachfront properties as prime deals.

The availability of cheap beachfront houses in the UK has attracted a lot of people as well as estate investors in recent times. The calm blue skies over head, the gentle breeze all through year and the serene beauty of these beaches has made them extraordinary. A sea view residence in the UK has many benefits. For people who enjoy seafood, the wide variety of marine food and other delicacies prove to be a big temptation. Besides, it offers people a wide panoramic view of the landscape. The prices are really competitive compared to other beachfront properties. In addition, tropical fruits and crops grow easily in the soil as they are not very close to the beach itself. For families having a house in the metropolis, a beachfront house can serve very well as an occasional holiday resort.

Investors have woken up to this prospect and it is high time for anyone dealing in the trade to opt for beach front property deals. It is however advisable to opt for seaside residences a little far from the beaches. This is because seaside properties are prone to occasional natural hazards like cyclones, storms and tidal waves. Many clever homeowners having a property by the beaches earn profits by leasing it to tourists. Since a huge number of tourists from several nations throng the UK beaches all year round, one can laugh all the way to the bank. In this way many homeowners can recover the money they spent in buying a beach side property in a short span of time.

It is probable that due to its many advantages, beach font properties have helped in the rise of the popularity of cheap beachfront properties in the UK. For anyone wishing to buy a house in a serene location or an investor looking for good investment options, these sea beach houses are the ultimate for investment. They offer the unbeatable combination of enjoying nature at its best and enjoying huge amounts of money, simultaneously.

In most cases, however, their cost is much higher than normal houses. As a consequence, whenever there is news of a beach front property that is available at a lesser price, people are keen to acquire it.

Imagine if you read this on any property website – you’d assume the website owner was insane, and you’d leave.


  1. http://Andy says

    Ha Ha :))

    . . . I am just sharing my views. I am not outsourcing to Mosaic.

  2. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Thanks Andy Mackwell for your comments. I am sure you can appreciate I can only comment on my own experience. There are some great companies in India, China and all over the world, I am sure. It’s just that when it comes to article writing Mosaic is not one of them. Maybe they are really good at something else?

    I can see how busy and successful you must be as it would appear you don’t have time to write your own comments? Judging by the poor English submitted here, maybe you too outsourced to Mosaic?

  3. Nice thoughts and comments!!

    I aware that some people from India, Romania, China, etc. are offering services with full of jargons. But it is completely depend on us that how we find our outsourcing partner from these countries.
    Liz can you answer the following questions:

    1) Had you signed any service agreement before outsourcing your work?
    2) Had you check any references?
    3) How can you believe on someone, just basis of phone calls?

    I know only one thing that if I am doing your job unprofessionally, how can I expect professional solutions.

    I am outsourcing my work in India and China since last couple of years and I haven’t face any problem. I always appreciate the work done by Indian developers and designers (I feel lucky now 🙂 ).

    I can provide you some good references in India (if you want) where you can find cost effective and very good solutions.

    Best regards,

  4. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Geoff – Thanks for your comment. I just want people to know this company are heavy on persuasion and low on delivery.

    On a more positive note – that’s a very good looking web site you have there, by the way. Well done.

  5. Hey Liz….I agree with your comments and the article published here. trust me it was the worst article i ever came across. To cut the story in short, it s**ks!! feel so sorry for you and thanks to you for enlightening us.

  6. Hi

    I can see why you would be angry.. I know I would be.

    $600 for 50 articles from an Indian writer sounds like a lot. You can easily get English content writers at that sort of price.

    I also think the comment that said about ordering less to start with is good advice. It often pays to just get a few written to ‘test the water’ first.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting story.


    Tom LeDree

  7. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Hi Veronica

    Yes – if I ever do something that makes a customer unhappy I offer a refund in full. I don’t really understand how they can produce this stuff and not take responsibility for it. They are utterly dishonest in my opinion.

    Articles supposedly about the UK make clear references to tropical conditions, or are written in awkward English, or don’t make sense, or are clearly promoting companies I have never heard of (which suggest they were written for them and passed off on me). Despite my embarrassment at having been duped, I wanted to make people aware of the type of bad practice that is going on.

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog through blogher. I found this, article and then found my way to this page. All I can say is I am amazed that such a professional appearing website failed to follow through with their promises. It is even worse that they didn’t refund you the money you paid!

  9. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    It was a bit of an experiment I’ll admit and I published this post so as to state the obvious. There is so much buzz around outsourcing to India, Romania and others which I have ignored for years that I wanted to see just how good it could be. I think your point about outsourcing within your own economy is a good one – just for the fact it takes care of local knowledge. In your case an American resident is going to know more about the state of the US property market than someone from say, India. Unlike you, I don’t always buy locally – I buy products and services from your country and others, all the time.

  10. I also outsource my articles for my real estate website. I had to go through a couple different writers before I found one that is great. I think you made a mistake on purchasing so many articles from somone you didn’t know or have previous article writen from. I used Guru.com to find my article writer. It takes a couple projects to find the right fit for your business, but once you do it is worth it. Also note that my articles come from the US. I like to put money back into our economy…not anyone elses…

  11. I thought I could not write. You at least made me feel better about my poor writing skills. I was upset that my 5th grader was better than me. It is true that there is all ways somebody worse out there.