Stompernet LIVE8 #SNL8

Hyatt Regency, AtlantaI am so sad. I’m stuck at home in my middle-of-nowhere farmhouse in Devon, when I should be in Georgia tonight.

I should be in Atlanta, in the Hyatt, at the bar about to go to dinner with all my friends. But I’m not. My mother Ruby is not very well and I couldn’t leave her.

I’m not the only one who couldn’t attend. Even my Stompernet coach isn’t in Atlanta toinight. Joyce found she couldn’t make it as it’s the time of year her business starts to get very busy, and Freddie her husband couldn’t go because it was the start of term, and he’s a teacher.

But the good news is that husband Russell is there. He got on a plane yesterday afternoon and arrived in Atlanta last night. He’s just phoned to say the event is brilliant. He’s off to the faculty dinner now.

I’m missing the Stompernet Elite Council meeting and the moderator meeting with Brad Fallon. Plus there was a lunch today for Stomper Women which I missed. That, as they say in the States, truly sucks.

Brad Fallon is giving a come back/takeover speech. We’re all keen to hear that Andy Jenkins will be back in some shape or form, somewhere, somehow. Most of all we all want Stompernet to remain the amazing force that it is. And Andy was a whole lot to do with that.

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