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A Web Site Publishing Plan for Busy People

So what is the best way to get a site up and running when you are in my position – that of having no time, but an urge to get started?

As we all know, a frequently updated blog can help a business web site, so I am planning a new blog to launch prior to my new web site.

In order that the blog will not be displaced by the site when it goes live I will create the directory structure to look like this.

This will have one page, styled exactly as the new site will be, and will contain a short description of the new business. Underneath there will be a clear and obvious link to the new business blog. Underneath that there will be a list of the latest blog posts including short extracts from each.

This will contain the new business blog. I will be using WordPress and as usual stick to the superb Web 2.0 style created by Neil Merton. The reason I always come back to using this WordPress theme is that I can easily create a colour coordinated blog that loosely reflects the main business web site, in a few minutes. I don’t think I need to make the blog merge seamlessly into the main web site; why hide the fact that it is a blog? But because the colours on this theme are easily settable via options, it is a fast way to obtain a loosely coupled co-ordinated look.

Advantages of this Publishing Plan

The advantage of structuring a new web site like this is that

  • you can start driving traffic to the blog (which you can set up in a matter of minutes) from day 1,
  • keep a place-holder page open for the home page of the new site.
  • Buy yourself time to build the site slowly, but not lose time as you are still gaining traffic.
  • Keep the home page keyword optimised and so get draw traffic. Encourage those that visit the home page to bookmark the page and so start to build yourself some page rank before your site really launches
  • Because the growing blog contains good content, You also have the option then to build the new site slowly with the built-in opportunity to change your focus along the way as new ideas hit you.

Client Examples

26 Degrees In The Shade and

In this case, a friend of mine who wants to sell his restaurant business, designed the graphics for his web site, but asked me to make them into a functioning site. I did this, and linked his ever growing blog into the directory structure. The blog for this site was set up few weeks ago, despite posts from the more distant past. Here the site/blog technique enables a necessarily small main site, to grow organically with content supplied and updated by friend who is non-technical.

The Chain Gang – Gourmet Cycling Holidays in France and Italy and

Here is a client site that I developed, that needed more of a community spirit. We have set up a newsletter and a blog in recent weeks. Although there are big plans for further site development, the blog is a way of slowly building more relevant content pages into the domain and also provides a meeting place for previous cycling holiday customers. The blog was set up a couple of months ago and is the pre-cursor to the specialist wine and food loving cycling community that we are building.