Code Igniter – The MVC Model and Me

It’s early days, but at the moment I think I made the right decision to choose Code Igniter.

The forum on the CI site is friendly and very helpful. The site and the people involved get straight to the point. Everyone says the CI documentation is excellent – here I beg to differ a little. I find it clearly written but sparse. But as I become more proficient I suspect I will start to appreciate that aspect of it. I have also found that code examples are limited (unless they are lying around somewhere and I just haven’t found them).

I’ve spent some time lurking in the CI forum trying to map my confusions to those of people that went before me. I have had limited success retro-fitting my questions to existing questions but I feel this learning curve is necessary to avoid asking completely stupid questions on the forum myself. I figure that I am having problems getting started because I have never done any real OO programming, nor had I had any MVC before last week.

. . . . . .

I started writing this post a couple of days ago, and now I feel slightly less confused as I am starting to pick up the basics just by reading the forums.

What follows sums up how I feel about Code Igniter at the moment.

Grateful – I am grateful that someone (Rick Ellis) decided to write CI, making it as loosely coupled as it is, thus still leaving the coder some freedom to make decisions, and to make it as nonsense-free as he has.

Happy – I am delirious that Code Igniter took about 25 seconds to install with no edits to php.ini, no DLLs to download, no services to start, stop or resurrect, no digging around in Google attempting to track down exotic installation problems.

Excited – I am looking forward to having CI drag me into MVC methodology, however loosely.


  1. http://Rustik says

    I use Codelobster PHP Edition with special CodeIgniter plug-in.

  2. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Thanks for your help Brian – I now have the IDE but and will try and work with it for coding, but the debugger is not working with CI. It gives the error “The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.”

    When I checked in the CI forums, it seems (unless I missed something) that the debugger in eclipse just doesn’t work with CI – see

    It seems that someone did get it working, but I hate it when you have to fight everything to get something working. So may just stick to echo statements for debugging. Shame.

  3. I have a Windows XP box running XAMPP as a local server, which is an Apache/PHP/MySQL/Pearl stack.

    I had no trouble installing. Just downloaded and unzipped the Zend Eclipse PDT package, and clicked on the eclipse executable, and as long as your Java RTE is up to date, it should run without a hitch. Once I was happy it ran, I just created a link to the executable from my desktop.

    I don’t have Vista, assuming they (MS) haven’t broken your Java environment, you should be OK running your local host using XAMPP or WAMP or similar.

  4. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Hi Brian

    Thanks for the links – but did you have an easy installation?

    Does Zend Eclipse PDT work with Apache? Does the installation change or interfere with the existing Apache or PHP installation?

    I am uneasy about any Zend application after yesterday. Zend Studio left me with a mess to clear up. Suddenly local web pages wouldn’t run on the PC, and http://localhost was resolving to Then apache failed due to some port conflict. I de-installed Zend Studio and re-installed apache as I couldn’t fix it otherwise.

    Are you on Windows – I am working off a Vista laptop.

  5. Hi Liz

    I have currently use Eclipse with PDT, actually its a this PDT is a Zend distro. They do an all in one packaged download which includes debugger. I also have added Aptana as an Eclipse plugin for working on HTML,JS and CSS.

    I have also used EasyEclipse Aptana plugin and that works fine too.

    Zend Eclipse PDT:


    Aptana Plugin:

  6. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Hi Brian

    I wouldn’t mind speaking to you about it. I just tried installing Zend Studio as an IDE for CodeIgniter and it was a disaster! Apache died and needed re-installation to get it back. What do you use as an IDE I wonder? I really wanted to try something with a debugger, but I have no idea what will install and run easily on Windows.

  7. Hi Liz. I am in the same position you are. For me it’s been a real struggles to pickup OOP and MVC, it didn’t help that if I had any code breaking, I was not experienced enough to tell if it was me or my PHP5 XAMPP environment. SO I played around with Zend Framework, which has just been realeased in it 1.5 version recently, completely PHP5. Even though this framework is from the creators of PHP and has a huge following, I think you need to have strong OOP/MVC, get into it.

    So I’m sticking with CodeIgniter. The guys on the CI forums assured me my PHP5 XAMPP setup would be OK with CI, given it’s base code is PHP4.

    I found the documentation excellent, minus some oddities and typos, and the the people on the CI forums, are quite helpful.

    CI is an ‘easy’ framework to get into, so your focus should initially be on learning regular OOP coding and the mvc pattern.

    Good luck.

  8. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Yes Jon – I did. It is only shortage of time that prevents me from making faster progress. Client work has to come first. Anyway thanks for the offer of help . . . I just visited your web site and read your profile. It is very funny. But Jon! The Queen Mother is dead!

  9. Hi! This is jon from mybloglog. So you decided to go with Code Igniter? All right! Glad to hear its working out so far. Great design for your site – very clean and easy to move around in. If you ever run into a problem and aren’t getting good help on the Code Igniter forums, let me know and I can probably answer it for you. I’m on the forums as username “onisemus” ( ). Good luck!