How To Get Rid of Spam Using GMAIL

Use Gmail to Rid Your Inbox of Spam

The answer to the problem of spam is simple nowadays – switch to using Gmail as your email client. Gmail (assuming you don’t mind Google’s invasive, omnipresent nature) is fabulous at spotting spam.

Further, you need never lose an email again, and when you computer suffers a had disk crash, or you buy a new one, there is no email to copy over or lose.

The functions provided are superior to those provided by other web based email solutions such as Hotmail too.

Your Gmail account links in with your Picasa web albums account, AdSense account, AdWords, Google Groups, Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tools, plus many more in a growing list of online applications.

Gmail does provide a proper method for achieving this, but I have found this difficult to set up, I have never got it to work properly, and as I have so much to do, I can’t always spend hours trying to figure out solutions when easier ones exist. So I do it the following way instead.

The simple way to organise all your existing email accounts through your Gmail account so that you can send and receive email from any of these accounts as if sent from each different domain is described below.

The way I will describe does not really send from your domain account, anyone checking the email header will see that it actually originated from the underlying Gmail account, but so what? It looks like it comes from your real domain account and most people would not notice anyway, if it really mattered.

  1. Say you have an email account at the following domain
  2. Create a Gmail account – if possible or something similar.
  3. Next in that Gmail account add your email account (plus any others you have) by clicking on settings/accounts/ to add an email address making sure you click the option to “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”.
  4. Gmail will send a confirmation email to your domain email account – when that arrives click on it.
  5. Next you should go to your hosting control panel and switch off the mailbox, but also auto forward any incoming email to your new Gmail account.

That’s it. Now all your domain email will arrive in your Gmail account, and you can answer it as if answering from your domain address, or not as you like. Also when you compose an email from scratch, you can choose which account it comes from.

You get the benefit of great spam filtering, and the odd stray spam that does get through, you simply report as spam. This is part of a worldwide collaborative spam reporting process that helps Gmail learn which emails are spam.