The End of the Road . . .

Met a vivacious, sun-tanned, well-dressed woman today who runs a series of local homes for the elderly. She clearly makes a lot of money from it – I couldn’t help but notice her 4×4 Mercedes parked outside when I visited. And her own home is fabulous and well located. I went to see if she could provide respite care for my mum when I have to go away, and can’t take her with me.

I was to be surprised – I don’t know – there is so much bad publicity around the elderly and their care – the place I visited today was beautiful, and staffed by people who enjoy and believe in what they are doing. And this attractive woman deserves all her success. What a fantastic place she has built.

I cried actually as during the visit it became clear that they thought I, like many they had seen before me, needed a break from caring for an elderly person. I see their point and of course they are right – but my choice is not to place my mum in a home. At least not full-time – I am only looking for somewhere warm, safe, loving and clean for her to stay whilst I have to be away.