Choosing Newsletter Software

I have had a time of it trying to work out which newsletter software would suit one particular customer. My customer and his clients, will benefit from email marketing. Different clients have different needs, this one needs great newsletter software that is easy to use, and does not discriminate against you if you are not based in the United States. The website is The Chain Gang Cycle Tours which specialises in gourmet cycling holidays in France and Italy.

I tried Contactology and they had great layouts (which my customer liked), but I found the interface unintuitive. I also had to ask them to fix the scheduled time (which they did in record time) which only worked for US time zones, and when you tried to set it for WET (or GMT), it set the delivery time somewhere in the past. Like I said, they were fast to fix this and their support department were very helpful, but in the end I struggled with the interface so gave up. If I find the interface challenging, what are some of my non-technical, busy customers going to think? Also it was quite expensive.

I looked at Aweber, but decided this was really an autoresponders rather than newsletter software.

I looked at Constant Contact, and whilst it appeared to be quite good, it was too expensive (at the time of writing) and lacked some functions that I needed. I really wanted something that was primarily newsletter software, but also did surveys and autoresponders when required. Constant contact only did newsletters and surveys as far as I could work out.

In the end, I settled on iContact which was very easy to use. The layouts are not as exciting as those supplied by Contactology, but you can pay them to create a custom layout. The only fault I could find was that for UK addresses, it chops the county to two characters, so Devon became DE. Oh dear. As this will appear on the bottom of each of the thousands of newsletters we send, it’ll have to be fixed. I feel another email to support coming on.

For a list of 2000 subscribers, these were the monthly prices at the time of writing.

Constant Contact : $45 per month

aWeber : $19 per month

Contactology : $56 per month

iContact : $29 per month