If You Design Web Sites, Don’t Miss Out On This

Come on everyone – please sign up for the stupidly cheap access to that Web Designer’s Best Friend, otherwise known as Browsercam.

Don’t say you don’t know what Browsercam is? Browsercam allows you to test all the web pages you have written actually work in pratically every browser, version, and platform you could wish to test. It is easy to use, and this is your chance to gain access to it at a huge discount.

A premium account normally costs $999 per year unlimited use, but a group of us are getting together to use it for only $40 each, for a whole year.

We have a limited time to achieve this, please go over to the fundable web site and pledge your $40 now. That’s only around £20 in UK money. Cheap!

What are you waiting for . . .?

Here is a review of the Browsercam service by Robin Good. Note this is his voice – not mine – I am a GIRL.