Lunch & Devon Dunchers

I was invited to lunch at Gill’s place today. Pat and Kathy were also there and we talked about my idea for the Devon Duncher’s Club. I didn’t eat much but drank wine – a rose from California.

No-one really shares my enthusiasm for the club – I want it to foster discussion over lunch or dinner, but others might prefer a singles agenda. I am open to that – as long as I can get someone to talk to me. Finally it’s happening. More and more people are beginning to acknowledge that this deep dark countryside experience is not as cool as the brochures promised.

I had to leave early as a customer was experiencing a problem on the web after our upgrade to PHP 5. A call to Rackspace fixed that, but I had to negotiate the single track lane before I could get home to talk to them for as luck would have it, the angry troll that lives next door was doing his thing in the middle of the road. Just don’t ask. Anyway – his little blue troll-mobile was blocking my path, so I waited until he moved it (he did his best to leave as little room as possible), and I glided past.

Cooked dinner for my dear mother and the three dogs. Called Russell to tell him that the technical hitch on the server was fixed, (he was in a curry house in London – it sounded like fun) and took a call from Dav. She is going into a new property venture with her family. Hmmm – everyone is moving on or having a good time.