Mervyn Gayle-Bartlett : Funeral Service

Travelled the 250 miles to London yesterday to meet with my friend Davina, so we could both attend the funeral of a friend with whom we were at university. His name was Mervyn and he died from MS. Mervyn was extremely well loved as evidenced by the hundreds of people at his funeral service.

You know those people whose relaxed facial expression is all smiles? That was Mervyn. He was academic, musical, multi-talented, wise, forgiving and loving – everyone agreed, a rare combination.

The service was sad and at times funny – we alternated between tears and laughter. There was a soulful saxophone solo at every interval in the service, eulogies, gospel singing, sermons and poetry.

Davina and I saw others from university that we knew. There was Cathy, Yvonne, Cleaver, Derek, Trevor and Ray – just to mention a few. They all looked great and were doing well.

The service was held in Wembley. Mervyn was buried at Kensal Green Cemetary.