BlogRush – How To Make the Best Use of Post Control Filters?

John Reese just sent out a communication to all BlogRush members about a new feature that has been added to the system. In order to improve the syndication results of the blog posts we all make, he has added post filters.

The idea is that we can deliberately create a title for each off-topic post you create (and we all do this), that contains a word which if mentioned in the My Post Filters section of your BlogRush account, will not serve that post to others via the BlogRush widget.

This is great, but I don’t want to litter my post titles with a word that is so unusual I am unlikely to need it in a ‘serious’ post.

To that end I decided to try using punctuation. I don’t know if this will work as in the BlogRush communication, it explicitly says :

How it works... Just enter a word or phrase. If that word or phrase ever appears in one of your blog post TITLES, that post will not be shown across the network and will not use any of your syndication credits.

I have added the following list to my post filters – some frivolous punctuation which I would normally avoid – so for me, are best suited to the non-syndicated posts. Lets see if it works.

  • . . . (three dots in a row)
  • & (an ampersand character)
  • ! (an exclamation mark)
  • : (a colon)
  • ; (a semi-colon)