My Articulate Presenter Trial, Articulate Engage and Powerpoint

OK. So Articulate, Snag-It and possibly Camtasia look like the product set I’ll use to create online tutorials. There are cheaper options than Articulate – check out Increditools – but they just don’t work as well in the time I have had to trial them. Things could have improved at Increditools, but certainly for me the product kept crashing.

I particularly like the Articulate Player, and I have only managed to locate two products that do it – Articulate Presenter and Increditools PPT to Flash Studio.  I think there may be other products for the Mac that do similar stuff. Maybe its time to start making cider.

Here is a screen shot of the player – the slideshow or tutorial goes on the right hand side. When version 6 or Articulate comes out, I’ll be able to update the Articulate logo to be a clickable logo of my own.

Articulate Presenter Screenshot

See how the panel incorporates the tutor’s image, there is a link to click to email them (if you want it) and the area on the right is where the slides and videos of the tutorial play. You get to select the colours and style of the player and choose if you want the present panel and logo panel. I really like it.

OK – so that is step one done.


  1. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Yes – Dave – it helps. I had diverted my attentions elsewhere and didn’t buy Articulate until three months ago. We are now almost there with the course ideas and you’ve stepped in just in time (I hope) to prevent me from having to code the interface to the payment module. That said – I need to start the trial of AO now to figure out if it will do all the other things I need or, if there’s still some more coding on my end to do. Thanks. Liz

  2. Hi Liz,

    We just recently released the AO API that now supports creating applications that do exactly what you are looking for.

    So if you are still looking for this:
    “But what I can’t get my head around is that the idea of buying courses in real time, online wasn’t obvious functionality and not already part of AO. If I’d been in the development team, I’d have suggested it on day 1.”

    We now have it. Check out my blog for details.

    Hope this helps, I know the post is old, but hopefully it helps someone.

  3. I trying to create an interactive graphic using Engage. I using the trial version. Its sowing errors and taking so much time to publish…in most cases the saving or publishing is never successful and the system hangs!!

    I am very confused…

  4. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Finally! A response from Articulate, and on my blog too. Justin – I think your product is really quite excellent, but with more and more small businesses using ever more sophisticated products, and with a relatively expensive product, you’ve got to look at upgrade pricing and figure something out that’ll work for the little guys better.

    I see what you are saying about the public access via a secure page, I think – I’d have to try it out.

    But what I can’t get my head around is that the idea of buying courses in real time, online wasn’t obvious functionality and not already part of AO. If I’d been in the development team, I’d have suggested it on day 1.

  5. Hello. I am glad to hear that you have been enjoying using our software! A commerce interface with Articulate Online has been a popular feature request. I have made our developers aware that this is a popular feature request so we’ll have to see if this is something that can be implemented down the road. If you use the launch buttons in Articulate Online you can incorporate those into your own website if your site has commerce functionality. Granted, if the content is private you will need to manually add them to Articulate Online. However, if you have public content accessible via the Launch button on a secure web page this would be a secure way to deliver your content. If you use the Guestbook feature of Articulate Online you can then get all of the information you need about the end-user.

    We are working hard to get the new releases into beta so I hope you get a chance to try out the new versions of our software. I think you will be pleased. 🙂

    Justin Wilcox
    Sr. Customer Support Engineer
    Articulate – Empowering Rapid E-Learning

  6. http://Liz%20Jamieson says

    Hi Brian

    I work on my own, so everything takes an age as I have to work around my clients for personal projects.

    Why did I want Articulate? I spend a lot of time giving free advice to small business people who have web sites that are not working well, or who want to have a web site and think it will deliver the world. They just don’t get the complexity of what is involved. I therefore wanted to produce a series of low cost courses delivered in a professional way that I could sell online to address the types of questions I am routinely asked. Obviously all this information is available for free online, but many people either don’t have the time or the inclination to seek it all out.

    I hoped Articulate would be the answer for the course delivery – it produces such professional results, but a couple of things were a problem. The main one being that I would want anyone that signed up to take a short course, to pay online, and then get added automatically to the course via Articulate Online. But when I looked into to, Articulate Online does not allow the real-time addition of subscribers to a course via an API. So I would have to create the courses in Articulate Presenter, and then write something to enable the course to be delivered to the subscriber myself. OK – that didn’t matter too much, but then I realised also that the next version of Articulate was imminent (?) and due to their pricing strategy I am working the course content but waiting a bit longer to see if the new version comes out soon.

  7. http://brian%20waters says

    I saw you were evaluating Articulate Presenter. As someone who has been using AP since version 3, (a long time ago) I am familiar with the product and have used it in three different roles with three different employers. Why are you doing this? Why are you evaluating AP? What is your desired output? who are your customers or clients? I’d be interested to hear how you woant to use it, and would be happy to advise if there are any issues outstanding..

    Good Luck.