Smoke Screens – Tomorrow is Here . . .

Do you remember being a kid and watching Tomorrow’s World on TV – I wanted to work in science so Tomorrow’s World was must-see TV for me. When I was young (5 years old) it was hosted by Raymond Baxter. There were many fascinating products previewed and I have often wondered what happened to them as it seems most never made it to market.

One I remember was a green viscous liquid that looked like washing up liquid. The developer chappie had a load of it in a big jug. The great thing was that when he poured some of it out of the jug into a bowl, then put the jug back down on the table, the green translucent liquid continued to pour itself out of the jug, even though the jug was now upright. It was like magic – the molecules were so tightly bound that once the motion had been set up, they climbed on their own out of the jug.

The only way to stop the liquid flowing was to use scissors to cut it! When he did this, the part still in the jug fell back in. What happened to that? Or was it an April Fool?

Another I remember was an anti-burglar device that filled a room with harmless smoke. The idea being that if a burglar could not see anything, he couldn’t steal it. Well – that is now available – I thought it was great then, but never saw anything of this product until today. Check out the web site if you are looking for an effective intruder deterrent.

Concept Smoke Screen