BlogRush – A New Viral Tool for Bloggers by John Reese

John Reese is an internet marketing guru and has been providing the internet community with courses and seminars to help us market our online businesses. He has now come up with a free service to help bloggers get their blogs noticed – it is quite new so now is a good time to sign up to it.

  • BlogRush is a free service – all you do is register.
  • You will be given some javascript to add to your site. This adds a BlogRush widget to your blog. When it is active, the widget will display blog posts from other relevant blogs on your site.
  • The great thing is that every time a page containing the BlogRush javascript is loaded from your blog, a post from your blog is listed on the BlogRush widget on another blog displaying the widget.
  • If someone signs up to BlogRush from your site, it should result in a boost to your traffic.
  • This is a viral mechanism and seems to me like a good all round thing so far.
  • The beta version of the site launched on Friday 14th September.
  • Visit