Driving to France : The Chateau de Fere

We left Devon this morning at 6:00am on our way to Le Biot in France. It is a 900 mile journey so we have to stop over, and this time we booked one night at the Chateau de Fere near Reims.

Chateau de Fere Ruins and CastleThe chateau is an intimate french castle (if you can imagine such a thing) with gourmet dining. It’s quiet, mild-mannered and refined. That said, you don’t have to dress especially for dinner, although most people did. And one family had young children, but they were obviously used to surroundings like these and sat like miniature adults. And thankfully like everyone else, they appeared immune to the paucity of children’s options.

We drank a 1986 Chateau Bergat which was very nice. The castle borders Champagne so you can pick up some wonderful sparkling wine of the region on your travels.

Two men were fencing in the shadows of the ruined castle, enclosed by its waterless moat. It gave the place quite an ethereal feel – almost as if we were in the 21st century but fully expecting that our faces were ghostily discernible to those in another time. Well I liked it. We will stay here again. And the staff were helpful and welcoming.

Most of the foreign cars (in fact all I think) were British and of the upmarket variety. BMWs, Mercedes, Range Rovers . . .

In the morning we took to the road and 7 hours later arrived in Geneva with only a few miles to go to arrive at our French home. High up in the mountains the chalet was just as we left it.