Practice What I Preach – Small Business Blogs are a Good Idea

I am launching a new web site aimed at small business owners, at the end of the week, and I have just finished writing one of the first articles that will feature on the site. So far the site does not have much on it, so I’ll need to write a few more articles before I upload it to the server and make it public.

I started this blog to support the launch and growth of the site, and it is a technique that I believe can work well for small businesses – so I described in the article the rationale of launching a blog in tandem with a new small business web site.

Why – well – a small business web site is generally run by one or two people and they are so busy running the business that it is difficult to get around to doing everything they dream of for their venture. Having an excellent web site, that draws in relevant traffic is hard work. If you write it yourself as I do – it is hard work. If you pay someone else, it is really very hard work as you have to

  1. realise that a real web site will cost you money
  2. choose the right technical person,
  3. explain to them what your expectations are of your web site
  4. (the really hard bit and only workable if you got points 1. and 2.  right), listen to what they say, take on board their experience, and modify your expectations accordingly.
  5. Assuming you are still on board – prepare to work very hard to support your web developer.

In my experience as a web developer, most people fall at step 4), but they keep going anyway. Most people have this notion that all you have to do is build it (it being a web site with really super duper cool graphics, probably entirely written in flash by an undeniably talented graphic artist, but whose navigation is so far up its own jacksy, that any one who stumbles onto your site needs a PhD in lateral thinking to work out where they have to stick their cursor to find your phone number), and they will come.

Don’t go there if you can avoid it. The graphics are really not what this is all about.

So getting back to the blog. Yes – get a simple site, that is very easy to navigate, and back it up with a blog. Just the process of blogging will help you to generate ideas for your main business web site, and direct your offline ideas too.