First Day at School; A First For Me

It must have been the same for my mother, when she dropped me off for my first day at school over 43 years ago. I have done something reminiscent of that. I just dropped her off for her first Day Care experience at an Old People’s Home. It’s a nice place, but it seems to me the other old people there are just waiting to die.

I spoke to some of them at length this morning and although their surroundings are excellent – the home is beautifully kept, clean, warm, friendly and more, many of them excude a pitiful sadness. I asked around to find out why they are there and was suprised at their answers. They find themselves there either because they have no-one to care for them, or because they feel they cannot place that care burden onto someone, or because they have been de-prioritised by someone. Whatever the reason, not many people are there because it is their first choice. Choice is not something most elderly people enjoy.

I cannot go out to work and continue my career because I choose to stay home and look after my mother, but especially living in this area, I do miss the company of my colleagues. The people I know here have a different outlook which I have tried to share, but have lately realised that it is better to be honest with myself. I can’t value things simply because a handful of people I know value them. You have to do your own thing.

I am therefore looking forward to 3:30pm when I will go and pick my mother up from her first day at school. She is better off here, with me, and I am better off with her.