Joel Bauer – Persuasion Power – Keynote Speech

Joel Bauer is the author of books such as How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want to be Persuaded and is famous for his presentation successes with corporate clients and the media.

Joel gave us a breakdown of how to present a pitch to an audience in order to get the most conversions and sales. He said

  • Never introduce yourself online, always get someone else to do it – someone with experience of your work – in other words – do it via a testimonial
  • Be as imperfect as possible – don’t worry about only having a face for radio – if we are too perfect people don’t actually like us much.
  • Knock yourself down in order to build yourself up again
  • Always tell the truth
  • Use storytelling to get your business offering across and liken it to familiar things in everyday experience.
  • Make sure you tell your prospects that you are only interested in serious expressions of interest in your product or service
  • Identify your passion and monetize that online.
  • Never demonstrate your superiority
  • Use a program called Simple Sales Copy to help you write sales copy
  • Visit the Copywriting Board for help/advice with copy
  • How long should a long sales letter be? Answer : as long or short as it needs to be

Joel also talked about the importance of defining a model for what you do. Use three or four words that in a list, sum up what your offer is. For example, “Attract, Convert, Leverage, Retain” – and use this everywhere. He says it helps if each of the words starts with a consonant as these are more easily remembered by people who here them.

Joel also had a few words to say about the right and wrong kind of business cards. You can view this viral video here, called Your Business Card Is Crap.