Darryl Peddle – How To Tap Into the Hard Work of Your Competitors

At the end of Darryl’s presentation, Brad Fallon jumped onto the stage to announce that Darryl was now a faculty member at Stompernet. Great cheering and clapping came from the audience who had appreciated in full why Darryl deserved this accolade.

His presentation was fully entitled, “How to Systematically Increase Traffic and Profits In Any Market By Tapping Into the Hard Work of Your Competitors”.

He uses Market Samurai to determine who the top three competitors are for your main keyword. Why the top three? Because Darryl believes that if you are not in position 1, 2 or 3 on the first page of Google, then your click throughs are minimal. All the money is in the first three positions.

You can then determine if it’s possible to beat any of the sites in the top three positions. If not, you need to find a sub niche keyword where you can dominate. Don’t just give up on your niche because there may be a sub niche that you can still market. For example “caribbean chocolate cake recipes” or “italian chocolate cake recipes” as opposed to “chocolate cake recipes”

But is your keyword being used right now? Darryl likes to check the trending on a keyword to see whether interest in it is on the rise on the decline. Also to check for any seasonality. He used Google Insights to look into that.

And finally, to keep up with industry news for all competitor markets, Darryl uses an iGoogle page with RSS feeds from each of the best competitor blogs in the marketspace so that he can quickly glance at a dashboard to see if there is a new topic that everyone in the space is talking about.

Darryl’s Blog can be found here.

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