Dr Lisa Lang – The Theory of Constraints – Breakout Session

Dr Lisa Lang is a leading authority when it comes to The Theory of Constraints. She has PhD in engineering and has authored three books. Her presentation was held in a break out room where she covered an overview of The Theory of Contraints (TOC).

Dr Lisa confronted the multi-tasking problem that every entrepreneur faces. Out of a list of many projects, which to tackle first?

According to Dr Lisa, “the notion that the sooner you start a project the sooner it’s done” is a fallacy. It is more efficient by miles to figure out which project will bring in the most money fastest, and then do that project, in its entirety first.

Dr Lisa also talked about the best way to calculate your hourly worth. This helps you to work out which parts of your business to outsource. After all she says, that it’s key to determine what drives your profitability and to make management decisions that are aligned with your profitability goals.

Dr Lisa is now a member of the faculty at Stompernet.