How To Make Text Wrap Around An Image In WordPress

I wrote a post on this a few years ago, explaining how to use HTML to wrap text around an image in WordPress. Even though you can do text wrapping and image alignment within WordPress, I still prefer to write the HTML myself as I get better results and I get to decide what my captioned image looks like.

But as the HTML for this is a bit tedious, it is a pain to have to type the code out each time, so I gave up doing image captions. However, we recently built a WordPress plugin to do it. The plugin was released yesterday, so please go and download it, and let me know if it works for you.

CaptionPix WordPress Plugin – For Image Placement And Captioning

The name of the plugin is CaptionPix and you can download it from the WordPress Plugins Repository :

Darryl Peddle – How To Tap Into the Hard Work of Your Competitors

At the end of Darryl’s presentation, Brad Fallon jumped onto the stage to announce that Darryl was now a faculty member at Stompernet. Great cheering and clapping came from the audience who had appreciated in full why Darryl deserved this accolade. His presentation was fully entitled, “How to Systematically Increase Traffic and Profits In Any […]

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Harry S Dent — Demographics, Debt and Deflation

Harry S Dent gave an incredible performance that was loaded with economic forecast information of a very different kind to that we hear from various politicians. The Dent Method is a long term economic forecasting technique based on the study of and changes in demographic trends and the impact of these on the US economy. […]

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Dr Lisa Lang – The Theory of Constraints – Breakout Session

Dr Lisa Lang is a leading authority when it comes to The Theory of Constraints. She has PhD in engineering and has authored three books. Her presentation was held in a break out room where she covered an overview of The Theory of Contraints (TOC). Dr Lisa confronted the multi-tasking problem that every entrepreneur faces. […]

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Joel Bauer – Persuasion Power – Keynote Speech

Joel Bauer is the author of books such as How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want to be Persuaded and is famous for his presentation successes with corporate clients and the media. Joel gave us a breakdown of how to present a pitch to an audience in order to get the most conversions and sales. […]

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